Baby proofing your home will seem like a huge, continual undertaking. Make it easy on yourself and start now. You’ll be too overwhelmed with your new arrival and visitors to think about it when you come home from the hospital. Prepare for your new baby now by baby-proofing for the newborn stage. You will be re-evaluating safety needs at the crawling and walking stages, as well.


Look into purchasing a good, dependable baby monitor. You can’t be in all places at all times, so this little piece of technology will help alert you to problems that might arise. It will be especially comforting to you during baby’s first days at home.


A good baby care book covering stages from newborn to early childhood is essential. You’ll find yourself referring to it with every little sniffle and rash. Ask friends for recommendations and then spend time at the bookstore browsing over the many available choices. You’ll find this book will become your dog-eared best friend.


Your baby will want meals on time just like you and Daddy. Bottle-feeding moms will need feeding equipment and formula before baby arrives. For breastfeeding, have a breast pump and bottles available for times when someone else will be feeding baby. You’ll also want to have nipple cream on hand for when you’re sore. Keep the phone number of a local breastfeeding support group member on hand, just in case you need some advice or a shoulder to lean on.


If you don’t already own a digital camera, now’s the time to buy one. There will be more photo ops than you ever dreamed of once your baby is born. Don’t go in for a fancy, hard to operate a camera. Find one that’s simple, dependable and will give you quality photos. Be sure to pack it into your delivery bag for pictures of your child only minutes old.


Your first days home from the hospital will be busy for both you and your hubby. There will be times when neither of you will want to cook. Take-out food is an option but gets costly for a new family on a budget. Plan ahead. Make some easy meals like casseroles, spaghetti sauce, and stew in the months before your delivery and stash them in the freezer. You can also make larger portions of upcoming meals since frozen leftovers will also be a welcome sight once the baby is born.


Prepare for your new baby’s arrival now by compiling a list of important phone numbers and post them near your phone. Include poison control, your baby’s pediatrician, your doctor, the breastfeeding support group contact and your favorite pizza joint.


Sure, you’ll soon have a new little visitor in your bed from time to time, but that doesn’t mean your bedroom should become Babyland. Your bedroom should still be a romantic sanctuary for you and your husband (even if “romance” may only cuddle for a couple of months.) Be careful not to clutter up your bedroom with baby gear. Your hubby is still your special guy and you both still need your private, escape place. This is one of the most exciting times of your life. Preparing for your new baby now will mean you’ll have that much more time to play with and enjoy your baby later. Babies grow up quickly, so you won’t want to lose a precious moment!

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