Supplies: two different tones of grey felt, pink felt, pink thread, grey thread, a needle, a purple embroidery thread, some wire, a pair of scissors, two little black pearls, a disappearing ink pen, some cotton pellets and dry lentils (about two cups), and the pattern pieces below (print out and magnify by two).

1. Print and cut out all the pieces from your pattern, using a disappearing ink pen and scissors. The purple marks represent a 1″ graduation.

2. Start blanket-stitching the top part: (darker grey felt) from the bottom edge of the bighorn to the beginning of the back legs, including the tail.

3. Stuff the inside of the horns with cotton pellets. Stitch the eyes, the ears and the cheeks (pink felt).

4. Fix the underneath piece, (lighter grey felt) starting by the back legs and the middle section. Fill half of the rhino with cotton.

5. For the front legs, make sure to add the pleat on the upper part of the leg, sew.

6. Close three out of four feet, (pink felt) and add the lentils through the last one. That will make the rhino heavier so it can support the weight of the book. Stitch the rhino closed.

7. Regarding the tail, use a needle to thread the yarn through the felt several times. Trim to make the length even.

8. Finish off with the monocular, making a circle out of the wire and covering it with the embroidery thread. Repeat twice so it looks smoother. Fix it to the rhino with some stitching.

Congrats! You have a rhino friend to guard your bookshelf.


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